New course:


Dr. W. Konerding  & Prof. A. Kral 
Institute of AudioNeuroTechnology, MHH

Based on frequent requests by students we have tried to engage the team from Biostatistics department from MHH and also from TiHo, but their demanding schedule did not allow to involve them in the HBRS so far.

For this reasons and due to the repeated requests by our PhD students, we decided to offer such course ourselves. 


The course will give basic knowledge on data exploration as well as guidelines on choosing testing procedures. The first day will concentrate on basics for data description and exploration, including graphical illustration (Excel Pivot Charts). The participants will prepare and present definitions of basic terms for statistical testing procedures. During the second day an overview over common statistic tests and guidelines in choosing the correct testing procedure will be given. Simple statistic tests will be performed using Excel. The participants will present their own (or imaginary) data according to the acquired knowledge.
The participants will have to bring a laptop with Excel Software & PowerPoint (or comparable) and an easy-to present data set (real or imaginary).

Please contact Dr. Ch. Baumhoff with regards to dates and availability.

Program director:

Prof. A. Kral

Program deputy director:

Prof. P. Behrens

PhD Program Committee

Prof. P. Behrens, LUH

Prof. H. Blume, LUH

Prof. A. Büchner, MHH

Prof. A. Kral, MHH

Prof. K. Schwabe, MHH

PD Dr. A. Warnecke, MHH

M. Voigt, MSc.


Dr. V. Hamacher

Advanced Bionics Co., Head of European Research Center


Prof. P. Behrens, LUH

Prof. G. Berding, MHH

Prof. S. Bleich, MHH

Prof. H. Blume, LUH

Prof. A. Büchner, MHH

Prof. S. Debener, OUL

Prof. R. Dengler, MHH

Prof. S. Doclo, OUL

Prof. T. Doll, MHH

Prof. W. Ertmer, LUH

Prof. L. Geworski, MHH

Prof. G. Klump, OUL

Prof. Ch. Köppl, OUL

Prof. B. Kopp, MHH

Prof. A. Kral, MHH

Prof. H. Maier, MHH

Prof. O. Majdani, MHH

Prof. T. Lenarz, MHH

Prof. W. Nogueira, MHH

Prof. G. Paya Vaya, LUH

Prof. K. Schwabe, MHH

Prof. C. Thiel, OUL

PD Dr. A. Warnecke, MHH

Prof. E. Zimmermann, TiHo