introduction to neuroprosthetics

Paperback ISBN: 9780128188927

Imprint: Academic Press

Published Date: 19th April 2021

Page Count: 414

General description

Prostheses for the Brain: Introduction to Neuroprosthetics provides a multidisciplinary introduction to artificial neural stimulation. It is an easy-to-read entry into the field written for students of diverse backgrounds (both technical and biological) and explains all relevant fundamental basics of physics, bioengineering, physical chemistry and physiology of neuroprosthetics.

The book additionally reviews the technology behind the most frequently used and clinically successful neuroprosthetic devices. It provides the physiological background for their function, as well as the technology behind them. Finally, the authors introduce future possible developments that may play crucial role in new prostheses for the brain. This gives the reader a comprehensive view on the principles and applications of neuroprostheses. It sets realistic expectations, both regarding potentials as well as limitations for design and outcomes. This book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students as well as neuroscientists, engineers, and medical professionals entering neuroprosthetics.

Key Features

•Introduces the basics of neuroscience and engineering relevant for neural stimulation

•Describes processes at the tissue-electrode interface with consequences for stimulating and sensing electrodes

•Describes safety aspects, long-term adaptations to the implant, introduces new promising developments and reviews existing clinical neuroprosthetic applications

About the Authors

Andrej Kral received MD in general medicine in 1993 and a PhD in pathological physiology in 1998 from the Medical School, Comenius University, Slovak Republic. Since 2009, he has been professor of auditory neurophysiology at the Medical School Hanover, research director of the ENT clinics, head of the Dept. of Experimental Otology and the Institute of AudioNeuroTechnology of the Medical School Hannover. In 2018, he was appointed professor of systems neuroscience at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He has been elected fellow of the National Academy of Science Leopoldina in 2017.

Felix Aplin studied neuroscience at the Australian National University and received a PhD in medical science from the University of Melbourne in 2015. He is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Lower Saxony Center for Biomedical Technology in the Implant Research and Development, Hannover Medical School, Germany.

Hannes Maier studied mathematics and physics in Giessen, Germany and a PhD in physics in 1993 from J. W. Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where he worked at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysics on interaction between electric fields and cells. After the position of the head of the Dept. of Neurootology at Hamburg University, Germany, and employment at Phonak Acoustic Implants SA, Morges, Switzerland, he was appointed professor of auditory prostheses at the Medical School Hanover in 2012.

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