Highlights of our work:
(ordered based on impact factor)

Invited article on deafness in childhood: ethiology, patho-physiology (mechanisms) and treatment recommendations

First description of cortical maturation in congenitally deaf animals made possible with cochlear implant stimulation

Suggestion of the „connectome model of deafness“ and review of non-auditory consequences of congenital profound hearing loss

Review of the consequences of congenital deafness on brain development and the potential of language learning with the implant; critical periods in deafness

Cortical development with cochlear implants: outcomes in children and animal models, neuronal mechanisms

Crossmodal reorganization in congenital deafness is area specific: first causal evidence

Aural preference as a consequence of single-sided hearing or unilateral cochlear implants: first evidence of a sensitive period

Evidence of near loss of top-down interactions in congenital deafness using analysis of oscillatory phenomena

Monography on deafness (edited volume)

Introductory textbook on