RS Model of the human cochlea

The RS model of the human cochlea substantially increases modelling precision, includes prediction of  local dips and peak and - importatly - for the first time provides prediction of frequency allocation to cochlear positions.

For the download, the user needs to install the MatLab Runtime Engine R2018a (9.4), which is freely available at

Afterwards, download, unpack and execute the below software for PC:

Cochlear Shape Reconstruction.7z

This includes an .exe file which is the runtime version of the model.

When using, please cite:

Schurzig D, Pietsch M, Erfurt P, Timm ME, Lenarz T, Kral A (2021): A cochlear scaling model for accurate anatomy evaluation and frequency allocation in cochlear implantation. Hear Res 403:108166.


Free download of the RS model (including pietsch model):

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Additional information:
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