Burst-Suppresion State


Burst-Suppression is a particular state of the brain observed when it is extensively inhibited, e.g. in very deep anesthesia. In such states, the brain oscillates between seconds-long states of excitation („bursting“) and inhibition („suppression“).

The above local field potential recording has been taken from the cortex of the mouse during increasing (first half) and decreasing (second half) state of anesthesia. We introduced an index (here called CSI) quantifying the time spans with suppressed activity. From CSI~0.5, burst-suppression is evident. Interestingly, the bursting phases were synchronized between cortex and subiculum throughout the recording. In still deeper anesthetic states, cortical bursts disappeared partially, but whenever they appeared they remained synchronized with the subicular bursts.

Data taken from Land et al. (2012).