Mouse V1 properties


Using Neuronexus probes, multiunit properties in the mouse visual cortex have been investigated using visual stimulation in anesthetized C57Bl6 animals. The results showed similar properties (onset latencies, size of the receptive field, spatial frequency preference and temporal frequency preference) as single unit data. However, orientation tuning and direction of motion tuning were braod or absent.

The data demonstrate that for some properties population signals provide a good estimate or receptive fields in V1, whereas it has to be considered that some properties (orientation tuning and direction of motion tuning) the results provide an evarage of a population of cells. Properties that are not columnary organized (a typical feature of the mouse visual cortex with regard to orientation tuning) these measures need to be complemented by single unit recordings.

For details, see Land et al., 2013, Neuroscience 254: 141-151.